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The Return of the Manila Finance Guy

I’m back!

After two years of hiatus while I am pursuing my masters degree, I’m glad to announce my return to the blogosphere, still dedicated to promoting good personal finance among readers lucky (or unfortunate!) enough to chance upon this blog.

I have completely transitioned from a career in the world of financial research to one that is closer to my heart – development work. But I think that the two are not necessarily worlds apart. In fact, successful development means that we are able to create financially independent individuals who need not depend on government dole outs or the charity of others. In development work, we talk a lot about “aid fatigue” or “charity” fatigue” – a point at which donors would feel that they have given enough but they still haven’t seen any improvement or any step toward individual developmental independence.

My return to the blogosphere will also chronicle my return to financial independence. At this point, I must admit that a career change – and a move to another country – can be very detrimental to your financial position. However, I see graduate education as a very important investment and I believe that the financial decisions that I have made in relation to my career shift will eventually bear fruit. It also doesn’t help that I am happier, career-wise.

In any case, watch out for this space regularly as I create more content for our mutual continuing education in the field of personal finance.

I’m very happy to be back!


Hiatus Over – Exciting, New Things For The Manila Finance Guy

A lot of things happened while I was gone and I’d like to apologize to all of you who have been following the blog for the absence of any new entry in the past month. During the last month, I got into a car accident (no one got hurt), a dismissed policeman held hostage and killed tourists from Hong Kong, Miss Philippines Venus Raj came home with a major major finish in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant, I renewed my car insurance and decided to start investing directly into stocks. And now the latest news is that I am in between jobs! For a change, I will do something that deals directly with improving the lives of people, a very abrupt change compared to the high-brow world of finance. But fret not, I will continue this blog and I will actually have more time for it. And I’m starting by picking up from where we last left off. And I’m introducing new things to this blog that I’ve always wanted to add before. Watch out for it!